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06 Sep

I had pretty much planned on having both a Twitter feed for and an RSS feed of news, both automatically generated online by now. Unfortunately that isn’t quite how it turned out. To get the twitter feed working properly I had to rewrite a sizeable chunk of the administrative section of the website.

That step is done, and I’ll be testing it over the next few days. If all is well, I’ll add a button to the front page that says “Follow Us on Twitter”.  Clicking the button will make you a follower if you’re a Twitter subscriber, or offer you the opportunity to become one if you’re not (it’s free!)

The twitter feed will automatically receive a “tweet” when new information, new photos or new videos are added to the site. We hope it’ll be a fun and pleasant way to keep up with steam locomotive news.

As far as the RSS feed goes, we have it working but the layout of the feed is so ugly it makes me teeth hurt. We’re working on that.




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