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Operational Fireless Locomotive in Slovenia

The photo below is of LBV-004, an 0-6-0F fireless locomotive reported as operational and active at a power station a few km east of Ljubljana, Slovenia as recently as March of 2011.

Copyright © Ajznponar


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Decauville 0-4-0T in Volos, Greece

I have a fondness for Decauville locomotives, especially the very small ones. They have a quaint, rather baroque look to them and the 0-4-0T below is no exception. It is displayed at the brickworks at which it served for its entire service life.

Copyright © K. Krallis SV1XV


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0-4-2T in Escuinta, Guatemala

The locomotive below was not known to us, before we encountered this photo on We’ve added it to our database and are happy to call your attention to it here:

Copyright © Simon Burchell


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Dieselized Steam Locomotive in Austria

I’d like to call your attention to the photo below, and 1928, Krauss-built steam locomotive, 15″ gauge, which has been dieselized. So its boiler and cab have been replaced, but the running gear is the same. We keep it in the database because it WAS a steam locomotive at one time.

Copyright © Karl Seltenhammer

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Thai Steam Locomotives

Thanks to site visitor Karl Seltenhamer for his contribution of photos of three locomotives in Thailand. You can view his photos at Karl Seltenhamer’s Photos. I’ve always had a personal fascination with small tank engines (which long predates Thomas and friends), so I found Karl’s photo of a tiny 750mm gauge 0-4-2T particularly engaging.

Copyright © Karl Seltenhamer

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Canadian Cement 0-4-0ST No. 56

While already had this locomotive, it was new to us, and we’re happy to add it to our database. Stan Milosevic of the website  Manitoba Photos kindly granted permission for us to use this photo to illustrate the locomotive:

Copyright © Stan Milosevic

Thanks to Mr. Milosevic, and to the gentleman who pointed out that we were missing this locomotive.

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Arizona State Railroad Museum in Williams, AZ

Al Richmond was kind enough to provide us with photos of the two steam locomotives at ASRM, Apache Powder 0-4-0F No. 6 and Anaconda Copper Mining 3-truck Shay No. 5. We’d never had a photo of the 0-4-0F before, and the last photo we had of the Shay was when it was at Jack Hoover’s museum in Montana. ASRM has done a beautiful job of cosmetic restoration on these two.

Here’s the Apache Powder Fireless:

Copyright © Al Richmond

And here’s the Anaconda Shay:

Copyright © Al Richmond