DB 2-10-0 No. 50.1650 in Aulendorf, Germany

11 Dec

We received an interesting comment about DB 2-10-0 No. 50.1650 located in Aulendorf, Germany. When our editors looked at the information for the locomotive, it was discovered that the image hadn’t scaled properly and the larger versions of the image didn’t display properly. So we replaced the image and verified that it scaled properly. Here’s the locomotive:

The photo above was taken in March of 2006. In March of 2007 a site visitor, Stephen Schauer, commented:

It realy saddend me when i saw the shape this locomotive is in. No protecton, boiler is gone. It is just sad .

I don’t know if Stephen was commenting about the photograph above, or the state of the locomotive as he saw it in 2007. Now, in 2011 a visitor using the pseudonym Zaruba, posted the following, in German:

Als ich das erstemal diese Lokomotive sah, war ich fasziniert, leider war sie in einem heruntergekommenen Zustand und auch als Müllhalte missbraucht worde. Bei einem späteren Besuch in A. wollte ich nach ihr schauen…. da war sie verschwunden. Was ist mit ihr passiert ? Hoffentlich wird sie restauriert !!!

This translates to English (roughly) as:

When I saw the first time this engine for the first time , I was intrigued, but unfortunately it had been abused and was in a dilapidated condition.. On a later visit in Aulendorf. Iwanted to look after her …. because she was gone. What happened to her? Hopefully it  will be restored!

So…according to our visitor (Zaruba) the locomotive is no longer there. Does anyone happen to know its current location and/or condition. Has it been scrapped?

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