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Duplicate Locomotives in Eastern Europe

Somehow, back about two years ago when we were doing data entry from lists and spreadsheets we ended up with a LOT of duplicates in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately there appears to have been two data sources separated in time by about 4 years. Thus some of the duplicates are shown in more than one location. We’re working on clearing these duplicates up, and do apologize for our tardiness in noticing this.


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CSD 317.7 an 0-6-0T at the Mining Museum, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Another locomotive that came to our attention via Added to our database today, along with the photo below:

Copyright © Honza Groh

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CSD 317.053 an 0-6-0T at the Train Station in Lysá nad Labem, Czech Republic

It is always a pleasure for me when we discover a locomotive that exists, but wasn’t in our data base. The website has been a fertile source for such discoveries, and today was no different. We added CSD 317.053 to our database, along with a photo by Honza Groh. A derelict locomotive, to be sure, but a steam locomotive nonetheless.

Copyright © Honza Groh

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Cimenterie Dannes-Camiers No. 2 in Longueville, France

We had long carried the status of this little locomotive as ‘Unknown’, but recently received information that it is indeed operation at Longueville, France. We updated our database (and hence the website) and present the photo below for your enjoyment.

Copyright © Didier Duforest

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Sentinel Vertical Boiler Geared Tank Engine

A number of these locomotives (wheel arrangement 0-4-0VBGT in our database) still exist. Presented below is a  photo of one at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum in Telford, Shropshire, UK. The photo was contributed by Phil Horton who accounts for fully one-eighth of the photos here, and shows a partially disassembled example of this type:

Copyright © Phil Horton

Steve Frost, our European Editor, wrote the following comments about this little locomotive:

Whilst it is sad to see the remains of this loco in this condition, it does give us the chance to see the works that are usually hidden from sight in a Sentinel.

Notice the vertically mounted 2 cylinder steam engine, as used in their steam lorries, where it was mounted horizontally. The chain drive is clear to the left and the inner part of the flash boiler is revealed. You can see where the cross tubes that run through the central flue would be fitted.

So many Sentinels survive with the casing, so might they restore it as a cut away example to show how they worked?’s page for this locomotive is at Sentinel Locomotive

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Barfield Lumber Co. 2-6-2 No. 2

The 2-6-2 located at Collier County Museums in Naples, FL is Barfield Lumber No. 2, a Baldwin-built locomotive from May of 1920. We had it listed in two ways: as the Barfield locomotive and as Lee Tidewater Cypress No. 2. Lee Tidewater Cypress was a later owner of the locomotive. We removed this entry as a duplicate and left the Barfield entry in place.

We’ve emailed the museum in hopes of securing the contribution of a photograph which we can use to illustrate the locomotive.

NOTE: The nice folks at the Collier County Museums were kind enough to provide us with a photo of the locomotive. It is shown below:

Copyright © Collier County Museums

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A 19″ Gauge 0-4-0WT Operational on the Isle of Man

It is my pleasure to call your attention to the unique little locomotive shown below. The Laxey Mines Tramway “Ant” has an information page on our website. The photo shown below gives an excellent idea of the size of this locomotive.

"The Ant"

This photograph taken by myself, Optimist on the run. (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL 1.2 (
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A Standard Gauge Alco 2-8-0 in Cuba

Ralf J. Winter contributed the photo below of Alco C/N 62542, a 1920 product of Alco Schenectady on display at the Hotel Pesquero in Holguin, Cuba. Coincidentally, this now marks a total of 7500 steam locomotives worldwide for which we have photos, still searching and researching. Have a Happy New Year! –Doug

Copyright (C) Ralf J. Winter

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An Apology

At some point in time when I was writing new code to handle the creation, deletion and editing of locomotive information, I created a test locomotive that had no basis in actual fact. It was a Borsig 0-6-0T located in the fictional city of Blargh, Albania.

Regrettably, while I finished the code, I never got around to deleting this imaginary locomotive. It would, of course have gone long unnoticed until somebody let me know I had the construction number wrong. The imaginary locomotive has been deleted, and I’d like to apologize for leaving it there so long.


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