Sentinel Vertical Boiler Geared Tank Engine

21 Jan

A number of these locomotives (wheel arrangement 0-4-0VBGT in our database) still exist. Presented below is a  photo of one at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum in Telford, Shropshire, UK. The photo was contributed by Phil Horton who accounts for fully one-eighth of the photos here, and shows a partially disassembled example of this type:

Copyright © Phil Horton

Steve Frost, our European Editor, wrote the following comments about this little locomotive:

Whilst it is sad to see the remains of this loco in this condition, it does give us the chance to see the works that are usually hidden from sight in a Sentinel.

Notice the vertically mounted 2 cylinder steam engine, as used in their steam lorries, where it was mounted horizontally. The chain drive is clear to the left and the inner part of the flash boiler is revealed. You can see where the cross tubes that run through the central flue would be fitted.

So many Sentinels survive with the casing, so might they restore it as a cut away example to show how they worked?’s page for this locomotive is at Sentinel Locomotive

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