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23 Feb

We’ve made a few changes to the website that are worth noting (and many more are coming).

  • Where a country’s locomotives are divided by state, province or region, the page that displays a single locomotive will no display location as City, State, Country rather than just City, State. This was based on visitor feedback to the effect that people often didn’t know what country a particular state was located.
  • Even if a locomotive was flagged as “Scrapped” in the Status field, it was still counted as a locomotive for the purpose of the database and statistics, even though it no longer existed. So we’ve modified the routine that counts locomotives (globally, nationally, or by region) to count the number of scrapped locomotives in that region and subtract that number from the number of locomotives in that region. Scrapped locomotives are still in the database (and often have photos!). They simply aren’t counted as an existing locomotive anymore.
  • Fixed a bug in the page that displays Chinese provinces that would, under some circumstances, distort the page formatting.
  • On the front page of the website there’s a table that displays, among other things, the number of locomotives with photos, the number without, the number of photo albums and so forth. We added a couple of lines to this part of the display to include Total Locomotives (this is all the locomotives in the database minus the number of scrapped locomotives.), and Scrapped Locomotives. You may notice that if you add the number of locomotives with photos and the number of locomotives without photos, the number will be larger than the Total Locomotives number. That’s because we have photographs of some of the scrapped locomotives.

I hope you will enjoy the changes. Many more are coming.



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