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SBB 0-6-0WT No. 8522 at Triengen, Switzerland

Until today, we’d displayed the following photo of this locomotive, undergoing restoration at Triengen, Switzerland:

Copyright © Hans-Jörg Ritz

Hans-Jörg Ritz informs us that the locomotive is now operational and provides the image below:

Copyright © Hans-Jörg Ritz

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SNCF 141R568 Operational in Switzerland

Site visitor Hans-Jörg Ritz who has provided photos of numerous locomotives in Europe provided the image below of SNCF 141R568 formerly at Citev, France and now operational in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.  The photo was taken October 21, 2012 at Biasca, Switzerland, on the return leg of an excursion over the famous Gotthard line.

Copyright © Hans-Jörg Ritz

Other photos by Mr. Ritz can be seen here

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Orenstein & Koppel 0-4-0T C/N 9244 at Adenau, Germany

Copyright © Peter Ziegenfuss

The photo above shows this 600mm gauge 0-4-0T circa 1985 in Mayen, Germany It was used for a time in the early 1990s at “Kleinbahn Adenau”, a light railway in Adenau, Germany. It has recently been sold into private hands, and will be returned to service on a light railway, near Bad Orb, Germany.

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Allied Chemical 0-4-0T No. 49 – Myrtle Beach, SC

A few years back, John Gramling provided us with the photo of No. 49, shown below, taken when the locomotive was still at Rail City, in Sandy Creek, NY.

Photo Copyright © John Gramling

The locomotive subsequently was sold, moved to North Myrtle Beach, SC and placed on display at the Hawaiian Golf Village there. Photographer Dylan Lambert provided us with the photo of the locomotive shown below:

Photo Copyright © Dylan Lambert

Dylan provided the following comments about the photo:

The engine is in good cosmetic shape, however I was unable to get better shots of the mechanical components. It appears that the cab fittings are still in place, but it is possible they are convincing replications. Currently, the engine is missing its saddle tank, and has seen a day of “hawaiianification”.


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