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Two More New Locomotives (Courtesy of John Gould)

We’ve added two more locomotives to the database, both in Costa Rica, and both courtesy of site visitor John Gould. The first is an Alco (Dickson) 0-4-0T dating from 1904. It is shown below and more information is available here

Copyright © John Gould

The second locomotive, or the fractional remains thereof is a 2-foot gauge, H.K, Porter 0-4-0T, shown below:

Copyright © John Gould

More information about this little derelict can be seen here

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Another New Locomotive (Courtesy of John Gould)

John Gould provided us with information and a photo for Ferrocarril del Sur 2-8-2 No. 81, a 1940 Baldwin product (C/N 62444) displayed in a park in Golfito, Costa Rica. Many thanks to John!

Copyright © John Gould

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Erie 4-6-2 No. 2524 Does Not Exist (Korea)

The presence of Erie RR 4-6-2 No. 2524 in South Korea has long been rumored, and no matter how often the rumor gets debunked, it seems to keep cropping up. Hopefully, this will put a cork in it. Tim Moriarty spoke with  Director Son Gil-Shin of the Korean Railway Museum regarding this locomotive. Here’s what the Director had to say:

Director Son Gil-shin of the Korean Railroad Museum was asked specifically about this locomotive and he never heard of it being displayed anywhere in Korea at
any time, and it appears this Erie locomotive was possibly confused with
No. 244 above or it was a case of deliberate deception or hoax by someone
wishing to get Erie fans excited. Director Son also confirmed there are no surviving US-built steam locomotives anywhere in Korea.

Here’s an image of the locomotive from happier days:

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Newly Added Locomotive

It is always a pleasure for me when we get to add a locomotive to our database that we previously had no hint of. Today was such a day. Thanks to information and a photo provided by John Gould we have been able to add the locomotive shown below in Palmare Sur, Costa Rica. This is a 42″ gauge 1946 Baldwin 2-8-2 (C/N 72669) Ferrocarill del Sur 2-8-2 No. 84

Copyright © John Gould

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Apollo Consolidated Mining 0-6-0T – A Quest Complete

Copyright © Jeff Terry Collection

Back when first came online in September of 2002, this 1897 Baldwin was listed as being located at the Wisconsin Great Northern Railway. In September of 2002, Jeff Terry visited and found that it was no longer there. Subsequent inquiries placed the locomotive in the hands of Keith Christensen, in Eagle River, AK. A phone call to Mr. Christensen in 2005 confirmed that the locomotive was in his hands. Subsequently it was sold and now resides in private hands in Corona, California and is undergoing restoration. Jeff Terry was kind enough to provide this photo of the locomotive in its new home.


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