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An Unusual Geared Locomotive

One of the interesting things about running has been the continuing discovery of locomotives about which we knew nothing. This has happened over 1000 times since 2002 when the site began, and it gives me great pleasure to call your attention to the last existing product of a locomotive builder in New Zealand. G & D Davidson of Greymouth, New Zealand built bush and timber locomotives for enterprises on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, mostly out of second hand parts. They are said to have produced some weird and wonderful machines. Site contributor Robert Sweet of New Zealand provided the information, background and photo for a 3-truck geared locomotive built by G&D Davidson in 1920 for the logging company, Stratford & Blair. The locomotive is now displayed at Red Jacks in Ngahere, New Zealand.

Copyright © Robert Sweet

Copyright © Robert Sweet

You can view our page for this interesting machine at:

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Site Improvement

Since September of 2002 when the website first appeared on the internet, there’s been a little beige colored panel on the front page of the site that provided statistics about the contents of the website. And since September of 2002, the numbers displayed didn’t add up. Overnight I fixed that. Here’s what the little statistics panel looks like now.


Before today, the top line of the panel didn’t exist and the first line said Total Locomotives instead of Existing Locomotives. The problem with this, of course, was that if you added Locomotives with Photos and Locomotives Without Photos, you came up with a number larger than what we displayed as Total Locomotives. This was because we subtracted scrapped locomotives from the total. Changing a few definitions gave us a set of statistics that added up correctly. And hopefully is a bit more self explanatory.

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