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A Newly Discovered Alco!

Engine 1 Medellin 2017-06-26-1 Tom GearsTom Gears, a frequent visitor to our site and a moderator of Railway Preservation News ( discovered a 1909 Alco that was not in our database, nor on our website. He was kind enough to provide us with details of the locomotive and several excellent photographs and it has since been added to our site. It is located in Medellin, Columbia in Cisneros Plaza across from the former Medellin Railway Station. Our page for this locomotive is


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11,000 Locomotives. Imagine That.

With the addition of a photo of NIS 0-6-0T No. 107, shown below, we passed a milestone. We now have photos of 11,000 different steam locomotives throughout the world.

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When appeared in its present form, on September 1st, 2002, we had about 800 photos and 1350 locomotives in our database. We’ve clearly grown some, since then. I enjoy these silly, self-imposed milestones as they make me feel as though I am accomplishing something. What, I’m not sure. But something.

In any case, thanks for visiting and we hope you’ll still be visiting when me make it to 12,000.

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