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Website News

New Content

  • Over the past 30 days we’ve added a total of 84 locomotives to the website and database which were previously unknown to us. These are mostly “park locomotives”, but include several full-sized locomotives as well.
  • We’ve corrected the listings for 212 locomotives, adding details, correcting  technical details or changing the locomotives location to reflect current reality.
  • We’ve added over 1000 new satellite images/maps to the site, mostly in Canada and the United States. When we finish reviewing our information for these two countries we’ll move on to adding images/maps elsewhere.
  • We’ve added photos for over 100 additional locomotives in the past 30 days

New Features

We’ve created a new category and status called ‘Lost Locomotives’. These are locomotives which were known to exist in the recent past, have not been reported scrapped and whose location is currently unknown. You can see a list of these locomotives at:

If you visit the information page for one of these locomotives, you’ll see this icon. Click it and you’ll get a little window with a summary of what we know about the locomotive’s location, history and sometimes ownershiop.




Editorial Policy

Judging from the email that I receive, a brief explanation of some of the editorial policies we follow at may be in order. Often we receive email questioning differences between Wes Barris’ and our site. In some cases, Wes is more up to date than we are, in others we’re a bit ahead of him. We communicate often in hopes of keeping these differences to a minimum. Other differences result from differences in policies. To explain:

  • lists “Tender Only” as a locomotive. In other words, if only the tender from a locomotive exists, it will be listed on as a locomotive. We don’t do that.
  • (our site) does NOT list gas/mechanical or diesel mechanical steam outline locomotives unless, all or part of the locomotve was actually a steam locomotive at one time. If a steam locomotive has been dieselized, or become gasoline powered then we list it  If you’re looking for steam outline locomotives like these Wes lists a number of them at
  • We do NOT list steam locomotives with gauges less than 12″
  • Buried locomotives. We will not list a reported “buried” locomotive unless we have solid evidence that the locomotive is/was buried in the reported location and that it still exists.
  • Sunk locomotives. Treated the same as buried locomotives.


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