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21 Jul

There is no doubt that a significant number of entries in the database are based upon old, old data which may or may not be correct. In the past I’ve relied upon site visitors to notice, and communicate corrections to us, and will continue to do this.

I have, however, decided to begin a methodical research project to revisit, verify and/or correct the information for each and every locomotive in our database. This will be done, mostly, through research on the internet, and it is my intention to report what I’ve discovered here. I have begun with the country of Argenina. Here’s what I have done so far:

  • 7-21-2017 FCGM 2-6-2T No. 2803 at Campana, Argentina is owned by the National Railway Museum and stored at the Campana Workshops
    as of March, 1997. Record corrected to reflect the location. Been told in an email, that the Campana locomotives reported in 1997 by Preserved Argentinian Steam were still in place as of 2012.
  • 7-21-2017 FCGM 0-4-0 at Campana, Argentina. The locomotive is listed as being at the National Railway Museum in Campana, Argentina. It is actually an 0-4-0WT. The locomotive carries the name “Cordova” and is actually displayed at the track shop in Campana. Locomotive’s record updated to reflect this information. An excellent reference for preserved Argentinian steam is Preserved Argentinian Steam. Information from the web page cited was said to be from 1997. With reference to this locomotive we have confirmation via an email in 2012.
  • 7-21-2017 FCGDFS 2-6-2T No. 829 (825) 2-6-2T This locomotive is owned by Club FCO in Caballito, Argentina. FCO is Club Ferrocarril Oeste, and is, apparently something like a health club. According to a 2005 newspaper clipping, the club does own this locomotive and it was at that point stored. Status changed to reflect this.
  • 7-20-2017 FCGU 2-10-0 No. 3014 was listed as being located in C.d. Uruguay, Argentina. Some research revealed that the city name is Concepcion del Uruguay, Argentina. Changed the locomotive’s record to indicate this, and changed the status to ‘Stored’ as a result of information on the museum’s webpage.
  • 7-20-2017 Naval Base 0-6-0T No. 3 in Belgrano, Argentina. Researched this one, and could find no online presence for the locomotive. No change to status, pending further research.
  • 7-20-2017 FCBG 4-6-2 No. 4664 in Balnearia, Argentina. Record showed a note had been posted for the locomotive but the note was missing. Fixed this.
  • 7-19-2017 FC Pacifico 0-4-0T previously located at the Aguara Railway Station in General Daniel Cerri, Argentina hasn’t been seen since shortly after the railway station was abandoned in 2011. No information has been found regarding its current location, condition or disposition. Moved to the “Lost” category.
  • 7-19-2017 FCGU (FCCBA) 4-6-2 No. 92 (52) was reportedly located at the Argentine National Railway Museum in Astarzas, Argentina. The museum is actually located in Retiro, Argentina, which is a district of Buenos Aires. The locomotive is confirmed to be there, but I’ve been unable to locate a photo of it.
  • 7-19-2017 Unknown 0-4-0WT No. 8 listed in Alte. Cordoba, Argentina may or may not exist. It isn’t contained in the comprehensive list of preserved O&K locomotives (Preserved O&K Steam Locomotives) and the only reference we’ve been able to find to it was in James Hefner’s Surviving World Steam CD. Moved to the “Lost” category pending further research.
  • 7-19-2017 FCGB 2-6-2 No. 4612 is listed in Arroyito, Argentina, and we were able to verify it’s current location and status.
  • 7-19-2017 FCGR (BAGS) 2-6-2T No. 3351 is still displayed outside the Regional Museum in Ayacucho, Argentina. More information about it is available at Steam Locomotive Blog and I’ve added a link to that site to the record for this locomotive.
  • 7-19-2017 FCGR (BAGS) 4-6-0 No. 3814 is owned by the Raltren Club of Bahia Blanca, Argentina and is still at its last reported location. Added a link to the Raltren Club’s official website (Raltren Club of Bahia Blanca)





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