Preserved Steam in Argentina (Part 2)

22 Jul

Didn’t have a lot of time today to work on this project, but I’ve included the research done today below. One comment: the original source material  listed locomotives owned by the National Railway Museum as being located AT the National Railway Museum in whatever town they were in. This is somewhat inaccurate, and we’re researching this to try to include more accurate locations.

Work done today:

  • 7-22-2017 After discussion with a recent visitor to Campana, Argentina, I received the following information: “All six locomotives remaining in Campana are, indeed, owned by the National Railway Museum. They are stored or displayed on the grounds of the Campana Workshops”
  • 7-22-2017 FCGU 4-8-2 No. 838 is located at “Tren a las Nubes” in Campo Quijano, Argentina and is displayed near the tourist railway’s trackage. Updated the record for the locomotive to reflect its correct location and status.
  • 7-22-2017 An unknown 0-4-0T listed in Centenario, Argentina is actually located in Contralmirante Cordero, Argentina. The railroad of origin is Rio Negro Dam Project. Updated the locomotive’s record to reflect this.
  • 7-22-2017 FCGR (BAGS) 0-6-2T No. 593 Corrected location and status for this locomotive. Added a satellite image and map for it. Also added a Google Street View photo of the locomotive.
  • 7-22-2017 FGSM 0-6-0ST No. 2529 is located at the Railway Station in Chacabuco, Argentina. Corrected location and status. Added a satellite image and map for this locomotive. Added a Google Street View photo.
  • 7-22-2017 FCGU 4-8-0 Nos. 514. 515 and 516 are reported to be on the property of Emepa SA in Chascomus, Argentina. The company has approximately 40 railway passenger cars, some street cars, numerous railway trucks and other related equipment on site. A recent visitor reported that these locomotives are stored inside one of the large buildings. I’ve added a satellite image and map showing the location, and corrected the status in the locomotives’ records.


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