Preserved Steam in Argentina (Part 3)

23 Jul

Researched the following locomotives and updated their records as indicated.

  • 7-23-2017 FCGR (BAGS) 0-4-0T The photo by I.B. Smith shows this locomotive in a shed consistent with that at the National Railway Museum in Buenos Aires. For an unknown reason, we showed images 640, 800 and 1024 wide. None of these exist, and the data error has been fixed.
  • 7-23-2017 A.G. Puertos 0-6-0T No. 8 listed at an unknown location in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. Located a recent photo by “Gonce” of this locomotive on display at Museo Ferroportuario in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. Updated the locomotive’s record and added the aforementioned photo. Also added a satellite image and map showing the locomotive.
  • 7-23-2017 Puerto S. Fe 0-6-0T listed as being located in Costanera Santa Fe, Argentina. The railroad name is actually Costanera Santa Fe (Santa Fe Port Authority) and the city is Santa Fe. The locomotive is displayed in a public park in Santa Fe. You can see it here:¬†Information Page
  • 7-23-2017 FCGB 0-6-2T No. 1109 listed in Cruz del Eje, Argentina. Not seen during a visit to Cruz del Eje in April of 1996. Also missing in 2007. Moved this one to the “Lost” Category.
  • 7-23-2017 Minetti 0-6-0T listed in the possession of Juan Minetti in Dumesnil, Argentina. Relocated to the Pecos Theme Park in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina. Reported stored at that location.
  • 7-23-2017 Minetti 0-4-0WT displayed at the Hotel Bremen, Villa General Belgrano, Argentina. Linked to a photograph and added a link to a website with more information.
  • 7-23-2017 Unknown 0-4-0T in Gustavo Heller, Argentina is verified from the internet and found C/N for it. Updated record.
  • 7-23-2017 Chaco 0-4-0WT on Isla del Cerrito, Argentina. Verified its existence from internet sources.
  • 7-23-2017 Penal Colony 0-4-0T in La Plata, Argentina. Added a linked photo for this locomotive.



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