Preserved Steam in Argentina (Part 4)

26 Jul

Further research into preserved steam in Argentina. The following changes have been made to our database and website:

  • 7-24-2017 FCGU 0-6-0T+T No. 651 (658) stored in Liniers, Argentina. Corrected status. Corrected a typo in the locomotive number.
  • 7-24-2017 CIABASA 0-6-0T+T in Macachin, Argentina. Corrected railroad name to Cia Introductora. Updated status, current location and fuel.
  • 7-24-2017 Unknown 0-4-0WT in Neuquen, Argentina. Corrected status. Removed a duplicate entry for this locomotive.
  • 7-24-2017 FCGU 0-4-0WT No. A in Once, Argentina. Corrected number, location and status. Linked to a photo of the locomotive.
  • 7-24-2017 FCGU 0-8-0WT No. 667 in Parana, Argentina. Corrected location and status.
  • 7-24-2017 Antonio Ferro Y Hijos 0-4-0T in Peninsula Valdez, Argentina. Corrected the spelling of the railroad name and gauge. Corrected location to Puerto Piramides. Also removed duplicate of this locomotive.
  • 7-25-2017 0-4-0WT displayed in Posadas, Argentina. Corrected gauge, location, rr of origin and status. Linked to a photo, and an information page.
  • 7-25-2017 Salinas Babedero 0-6-0T corrected city to Balde, Argentina
  • 7-25-2017 FCGB 0-8-0T No. 208 formerly at Valle Hermoso, Argentina hasn’t been reported since the tourist railway closed in 1983. Moved to the “Lost” category
  • 7-25-2017 Azucarera Ledesma 0-6-0T No. 14 (erroneously listed as No. 4) Corrected location, wheel arrangement and linked to a photo.
  • 7-25-2017 Azucarera Ledesma 0-4-0T No. 11 Linked photo and info page. Corrected current location.
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