Preserved Steam in Argentina (Part 5)

29 Jul

This is turning out to take longer than I’d anticipated. I’ve researched some more locomotives in Argentina, and the following are the changes I’ve come up with. More to come in the future.

  • 7-26-2017 La Chaquena Buenos Aires 0-6-0T in Villa Angela, Argentia. Corrected the railroad name. Corrected status and location. Added a Google Street View photo and a satellite image/map.
  • 7-26-2017 Minetti 0-4-0WT at Pechos Theme Park. Added a linked photo for this locomotive.
  • 7-28-2017 FCGU 2-4-2T No. 28 displayed outside the old railway station in Gualeguay, Argentina. Added satellite image, map, and photo for this locomotive.
  • 7-28-2017 FCGU 2-6-0 No. 81 displayed at the railway museum in Gualeguaychu, Argentina. Added satellite image, map and street view photo for this locomotive.
  • 7-28-2017 FCGU 4-6-0 No. 658 at the National Railway Museum in Retiro, Argentina. Corrected location, city and status.
  • 7-28-2017 Corrected city name to Huinca Renanco for three locomotives listed as being in H. Renanco.
  • 7-28-2017 FCGSM 2-8-2 No. 3001 in Huinca Renanco, Argentina. Corrected build date to 1929
  • 7-29-2017 Orenstein & Koppel 0-4-0WT C/N 11368 located in Isla del Cerrito, Argentina. Added a link to an article about this locomotive, also added a satellite view and map.
  • 7-29-2017 FCGR (BAGS) 0-6-2T No. 583 Displayed at Ferrocentral in La Banda, Argentina. Corrected location, status. Added a satellite image and map. Added a Google Street View of the locomotive.






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