A Happy Discovery

06 Aug

There is an ongoing effort here to both improve the accuracy of the database that drives, and to add locomotives, maps and imagery to the site. Occassionally this yields a pleasant surprise.

So it was, this morning. I often use Google Earth Pro or to search for locomotives in our database. If I can find them in a satellite image, I can add a map/satellite view for the locomotive. I had been searching for locomotives in Chile and was trying to locate Humberstone 0-6-2T No. 11 in Humberstone, Chile. Our data said the locomotive was “Inside Shop”, but the photo provided by Sr. Pato Moris showed the locomotive outside, against the background of a somewhat run-down building. So the search began and I discovered that Humberstone, Chile is actually the Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works, now defunct.

It has been converted into a sort of tourist attraction, and Humberstone No. 11 is indeed outdoors in front of a building. So I began using Google Street View to explore the area at ground level and this is what I found:


The locomotive on the left is, indeed Humberstone No. 11 and it matches our photo by Sr. Pato Moris. The surprise, of course, is the locomotive on the right. This locomotive was not on any list of Chilean locomotives I could find. Navigating around it with Google Street View revealed markings that make this Humberstone No. 8, a locomotive which had been reported scrapped in 1940. So…I’ve cheerfully added this little critter to our website and database, and am searching for technical details for it.


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