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An Elusive 0-4-0T in Belgium

Etterbeek Station is a railway station in suburban Brussels, Belgium. For many years a narrow gauge (600mm) 0-4-0WT was preserved on the platform of this station. The locomotive was complete, and displayed on a short length of track. Chris West, a contributor to Nieuwsbrief Issue No. 46 of June 2003 described visiting the stationin April of 2003 and discovering that the locomotive was no longer present, though the trackage was.

He writes:

The exact history of the locomotive is not known with certainty, but by the mid-1920s, it was in Belgium and at work on the construction of the Brussels – Charleroi canal.  It was purchased for preservation in the late 1960’s by a Brussels watchmaker from the yards of Ponts, Tunnels & Terrassements S.A. at Lembeek.  At first stored at the Scepdaal Museum, by 1972 it had moved to Etterbeek.

We have recorded this locomotive as Krauss (Munich) 4018 of 1904.

Chris West continues to analyze this locomotive with information from a visit in the early 2000’s.

The locomotive is generally recorded as Krauss (Munich) 4018/1904.  It carries two plates on the boiler back head; one shows ‘Maffei 2061 10K’, the other ‘Brabant No. 1861’.  In the published Krauss works list 4018 is a 600 mm gauge 0-4-0T delivered to Schramm & Kraus, München in 1900.  Maffei 2061 was a standard gauge 2-6-0, used in Bavaria, so the plate must refer to a separate series for boilers.  The second boilerplate is believed to show the boiler registration number.
When I checked the locomotive’s motion I found the number 2842 in two places.  Maffei 2842 was a 600 mm 0-4-0T ordered in 1908 by Leipziger & Co., Köln for Kaiser & Schorr, Beilingries.  From this I deduce the locomotive is Maffei 2842, carrying boiler 2061, and possibly incorporating some parts of Krauss 4018.

Any further information about this locomotive would be greatly appreciated.


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Migrating Locomotives

One of the things that has surprised me about running is just how often steam locomotives, dead and non-operational, get moved from place to place. And how often they seem to change ownership. I have a few modest examples here.

To begin with, consider Six Gun Territory 4-4-0 No. 4 “General Sam Houston”, a Crown Metal Products locomotive of 1964. For years it has resideded in Underground Atlanta. I saw it there in the late 1980s. ga0019
Photo Copyright © Wes Barris

On August 30th, 2017 it was removed from Underground Atlanta enroute to the Kirby Family Farm in Williston, FL, where it will become a display.

And in an example of how long it sometimes takes for information to reach us, let us consider PKP 2-8-2 No. Pt47-14 which had been on display in Bialogard, Poland for a very long time:
Photo Copyright © Ian Smith

In the late 1990s this one was moved from Bialogard to Technikum Kolejowego w Stargardzie Szczecinski in Stargard, Poland. And then, in 2004 it moved again and was placed on display at the Szczecinsk Railway station in Stargard, where it remains.



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