Migrating Locomotives

06 Sep

One of the things that has surprised me about running is just how often steam locomotives, dead and non-operational, get moved from place to place. And how often they seem to change ownership. I have a few modest examples here.

To begin with, consider Six Gun Territory 4-4-0 No. 4 “General Sam Houston”, a Crown Metal Products locomotive of 1964. For years it has resideded in Underground Atlanta. I saw it there in the late 1980s. ga0019
Photo Copyright © Wes Barris

On August 30th, 2017 it was removed from Underground Atlanta enroute to the Kirby Family Farm in Williston, FL, where it will become a display.

And in an example of how long it sometimes takes for information to reach us, let us consider PKP 2-8-2 No. Pt47-14 which had been on display in Bialogard, Poland for a very long time:
Photo Copyright © Ian Smith

In the late 1990s this one was moved from Bialogard to Technikum Kolejowego w Stargardzie Szczecinski in Stargard, Poland. And then, in 2004 it moved again and was placed on display at the Szczecinsk Railway station in Stargard, where it remains.



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