Two Website Problems Fixed

07 May

About 7 years ago, I added a feature to that allowed the website to post a tweet to a Twitter account (@steaminfo1) whenever photos or links were added to a locomotive, and when a locomotive was added or deleted. In seven years, only 42 people followed this particular Twitter feed. About 2 and a half years ago Twitter changed its methods for allowing machine generated tweets to be made. And I didn’t notice. So any attempted updates failed and there were no more @Steaminfo1 tweets.

After nearly three years, no one has complained about the failure. And after reviewing the complexity of what would have to be done to recreate this feature with Twitter’s new interface, I don’t think its worth the bother. Nobody used the feature and nobody noticed when it failed.

It therefore has been removed from the site’s front page.

The website has a feature which allows you to choose how locomotive wheel arrangements will be displayed, whether using the Whyte Classification System, UIC or French Notation. A careful review of the site’s capabilities showed that this functionality was broken. A bit of research and coding fixed the problem. You can now click on Custom View from the front page and select the type of notation you’d prefer for locomotive wheel arrangements.


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