Content Update 5-24-2020

24 May

In the course of reviewing the website over the last couple of weeks I discovered a group of data entry errors that occurred about 15 years ago. To explain briefly, James Hefner gave me his permission to import his world wide data to our website, and the information was contained in a Microsoft Access database. I wrote software that would allow me to import his data into our format, into a temporary table for each country. Then it was a simple matter to import the temporary table into our database.

Unfortunately, a couple of programming errors made it possible for the import to just stop if it encountered data it didn’t understand. No error message (my bad), nothing. And apparently this happened in several cases, and I didn’t catch it. The data that got missed has been manually retrieved and updated. The results are this: we”ve added 46 locomotives to the database in the last 5 days, mostly in Spain.

Additionally, some of the source data had spaces compressed out of text strings which looks really odd. This was true in the Access data base. I am restoring these spaces wherever I find the problem and have fixed slightly more than 1000 instances of this problem. It occurs primarily in a field called ‘RRFullName’. I’ll continue to fix these as this project progresses.

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