About Those Little Green and Red Dots

26 May
Screen Grab of Search Results

The image above should be familiar to most anybody who has ever used the ‘Search’ function on our website. The above was generated when I searched for locomotives whose Number string included the word ‘General’. Most of you have corrected deduced the meanings of the little red and green dots (I always thought of them as LEDs, for some reason). The red led indicates, of course that the locomotive in question does not have the corresponding feature, and if green, then it does. So the Six Gun Territory locomotive has only one or more Notes attached to it. The 35011 has a Photo Album, Notes and Links.

So, here’s the rub. The indicator for videos was being generated correctly EVERYWHERE in the website, except in Search results. There, it more or less randomly was red or green for Video, and meaningless. Tracked down what I did to cause this disaster, and repaired it today. Happy.

Now nearly everyone knows that if you click on the little thumbnail image for a locomotive, you get a bunch more information. Let’s try it for the Southern Railway locomotive in the search results above. We click on the thumbnail image, and voila! We get the following:

And there, at the bottom of the screen are buttons which correspond to the features that this locomotive has: a Photo Album, Links and Notes. And a zinger: I just notice that some bizarre data entry problem caused this locomotive to appear to have 980 cylinders of 18×24″ dimensions. Don’t bother to go to the site and look. I already fixed it.

I am thinking about making the features (Photo Album, Videos, Links and Notes) available to site visitors without first having to go through the page above. I am working on an example and hope to have it available this week through a dummy page for your examination and comments. I’ll let you know.

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