Website Update 05-29-2020

30 May

After cleaning up all the problems in the administrative interface that dealt with videos on the site, I added video clips for 17 locomotives, partially to test the newly rewritten feature, and partly because it was fun to do so.

In the course of adding the videos, I discovered and added photos for 11 more locomotives that hadn’t previously had a photo, and updated the photo for a steam tram in Sweden.

Additionally edits were made to the technical details for 104 locomotives in Europe, Canada and Mexico. Mostly these were status changes, including one locomotive that was changed to Scrapped.

Along the way, I discovered another minor problem, this one with the Notes system. The administrative function to delete a note worked, partially. I would remove the note, but leave the locomotive’s Notecount field alone. This meant that the system would try to make a non-existent note available if you viewed that locomotive. Reviewing the source code for that module, I think that I was either tired, indifferent or in an awful hurry. So…I spent an hour rewriting that module from scratch. It works nicely now, and I can delete a note, if necessary without causing data inconsistency problems. Wheefun.

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