Abbreviations and Footnotes

19 Apr

For most of the world (in our website) the names of the railroads which match to locomotives contain abbreviations, lots of abbreviations. And to be quite honest most of those abbreviations were unfamiliar to me, and I assume that they were also unfamiliar to many site visitors. So I have sought out a solution to this problem. Consider the screen capture below:

This is the top of the locomotive display that anyone who clicks on a thumbnail image sees, but slightly changed. Please note that the two abbreviations used for this locomotive have superscripts after them, indicating the presence of a footnote. Whenever abbreviations appear in the name of the railroad(s) you’ll see this, and another thing will happen. A box will appear below the information shown for the locomotive, explaining the abbreviations. In this case, it looks like this:

I hope that you’ll find this new feature interesting and useful.
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