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Chinese Narrow Gauge in Wales!

Beijing Capital Steel & Chemical 0-8-0 No. 4 “Dahuichang” has found a new home on the Ffestiniog Railway in Porthmadog, Caernarfonshire, UK. uk1620

Photo Copyright © Steve Frost

This locomotive was built in 1988 by the Harbin Locomotive Works as a C2 Class 0-8-0. The locomotive was imported into the UK in 2007 from China where it worked on a 2 km long line linking the works with a limestone quarry. The locomotive was initially stored at the Ffestiniog’s Boston Lodge Works.

A rebuild was begun in 2013 with the aim of returning the locomotive to service. It would be necessary to re-gauge the locomotive as there are no 750mm gauge lines in the UK. The frame is being narrowed and the wheels regauged to run on the Ffestiniog’s 1 foot 11 3/4″ trackage.

In April of 2017 the restoration was at a halfway point. It is hoped that restoration will progress to the point where the locomotive can be displayed at the Ffestiniog’s Railway Quirks & Curiosities II Gala at the end of April.


A Newly Discovered Alco!

Engine 1 Medellin 2017-06-26-1 Tom GearsTom Gears, a frequent visitor to our site and a moderator of Railway Preservation News ( discovered a 1909 Alco that was not in our database, nor on our website. He was kind enough to provide us with details of the locomotive and several excellent photographs and it has since been added to our site. It is located in Medellin, Columbia in Cisneros Plaza across from the former Medellin Railway Station. Our page for this locomotive is


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Another Confusing Numbering

A 760mm gauge 0-6-0T has been displayed at the train station in Zrece, Slovenia since it was withdrawn from service at the Jesenice Steelworks in Zrece. Interestingly, it is numbered as the 23rd locomotive in the 71 class (71-023). There were only 22 locomotives in this class, and the numbering, I suppose, was intended to make it look more appropriate to the locomotive in which it was to be displayed. Nonetheless, it is a pretty cosmetic restoration, as shown below:


By Ajznponar (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

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Calico & Odessa RR No. 5


Photo by Bobjgalindo from Wikimedia Commons (GFDL)

Was pleased to discover this photo of the Calico & Odessa RR 0-4-0T No. 5 taken by Robert J. Galindo in 2005. Details accompanying the photo indicate that it is an actual steam locomotive, 30″ gauge, originally used in the silver mining operation in Calico, CA. It has been motorized, and its builder and construction number are not known. Anyone who has further details of this locomotive can email

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An Unusual Geared Locomotive

One of the interesting things about running has been the continuing discovery of locomotives about which we knew nothing. This has happened over 1000 times since 2002 when the site began, and it gives me great pleasure to call your attention to the last existing product of a locomotive builder in New Zealand. G & D Davidson of Greymouth, New Zealand built bush and timber locomotives for enterprises on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, mostly out of second hand parts. They are said to have produced some weird and wonderful machines. Site contributor Robert Sweet of New Zealand provided the information, background and photo for a 3-truck geared locomotive built by G&D Davidson in 1920 for the logging company, Stratford & Blair. The locomotive is now displayed at Red Jacks in Ngahere, New Zealand.

Copyright © Robert Sweet

Copyright © Robert Sweet

You can view our page for this interesting machine at:

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0-8-0 Vertical Boiler Crane Tank Restoration in Argentina

Western Railway 0-8-0VBCT Winch 529 is owned by Ferroclub Argentina and is currently undergoing restoration to operation at their facility in Tolosa, Argentina. This locomotive is new to our database and website and we’d like to thank Matias Chiodini for calling it to our attention. Our page for this locomotive is located here.


Copyright (C) Mattias Chiodini


Two More New Locomotives (Courtesy of John Gould)

We’ve added two more locomotives to the database, both in Costa Rica, and both courtesy of site visitor John Gould. The first is an Alco (Dickson) 0-4-0T dating from 1904. It is shown below and more information is available here

Copyright © John Gould

The second locomotive, or the fractional remains thereof is a 2-foot gauge, H.K, Porter 0-4-0T, shown below:

Copyright © John Gould

More information about this little derelict can be seen here

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