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Another One Bites the Dust

Tiny Town Railroad 2-6-6 No. 12 “Mary Ross” in Morrison, Colorado shown below, in an image by Chris Guenzler has been removed from our database and website, as it is a steam outline locomotive powered by a 4 cylinder Lombardini diesel motor. It was constructed by the Uhrich Locomotive Works in Colorado. As cute as it is, it doesn’t fit our criteria for inclusion. If it had been an actual steam locomotive that was later dieselized, we’d include it. So, in memoriam:

Copyright (C) Chris Guenzler

Migrating Locomotives

One of the things that has surprised me about running is just how often steam locomotives, dead and non-operational, get moved from place to place. And how often they seem to change ownership. I have a few modest examples here.

To begin with, consider Six Gun Territory 4-4-0 No. 4 “General Sam Houston”, a Crown Metal Products locomotive of 1964. For years it has resideded in Underground Atlanta. I saw it there in the late 1980s. ga0019
Photo Copyright © Wes Barris

On August 30th, 2017 it was removed from Underground Atlanta enroute to the Kirby Family Farm in Williston, FL, where it will become a display.

And in an example of how long it sometimes takes for information to reach us, let us consider PKP 2-8-2 No. Pt47-14 which had been on display in Bialogard, Poland for a very long time:
Photo Copyright © Ian Smith

In the late 1990s this one was moved from Bialogard to Technikum Kolejowego w Stargardzie Szczecinski in Stargard, Poland. And then, in 2004 it moved again and was placed on display at the Szczecinsk Railway station in Stargard, where it remains.



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Chinese Narrow Gauge in Wales!

Beijing Capital Steel & Chemical 0-8-0 No. 4 “Dahuichang” has found a new home on the Ffestiniog Railway in Porthmadog, Caernarfonshire, UK. uk1620

Photo Copyright © Steve Frost

This locomotive was built in 1988 by the Harbin Locomotive Works as a C2 Class 0-8-0. The locomotive was imported into the UK in 2007 from China where it worked on a 2 km long line linking the works with a limestone quarry. The locomotive was initially stored at the Ffestiniog’s Boston Lodge Works.

A rebuild was begun in 2013 with the aim of returning the locomotive to service. It would be necessary to re-gauge the locomotive as there are no 750mm gauge lines in the UK. The frame is being narrowed and the wheels regauged to run on the Ffestiniog’s 1 foot 11 3/4″ trackage.

In April of 2017 the restoration was at a halfway point. It is hoped that restoration will progress to the point where the locomotive can be displayed at the Ffestiniog’s Railway Quirks & Curiosities II Gala at the end of April.


Added 15″ Gauge Crown 4-4-0 in Sanborn, NY

While browsing we discovered a 15″ gauge Crown 4-4-0 that wasn’t in our database. It is located in Sanborn, NY at the Harris Steam Farm and is operational. You can view a video clip of the locomotive here:  Harris Steam Farm 4-4-0

Ann Harris of Harris Steam Farm was kind enough to provide us with a very nice photo of this locomotive, which is now included on our site, and when I’m happy to display here:

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New Haven Trap Rock 0-4-0T No. 38

The photo we’ve display for New Haven Trap Rock 0-4-0T No. 38 at North Branford, CT was taken by Mike DelVecchio in the early 1990’s. It is shown below:

Copyright © Mike DelVecchio

Site visitor Josh Ciastko was kind enough to supply us with new photographs showing the locomotive in its current condition:

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Milwaukee Road 261 – Another Day at the Office

December 9th, 2011 and Milwaukee Road 261 and its drivers are once again connected. Ralph Back was kind enough to provide Steve Sandberg with these photos of the locomotive being placed back on its wheels. As usual TVRM did a beautiful job of profiling and quartering the drivers. The quality, the excellence of the work of the 261 is evident in each of these photos by Ralph Back.

Copyright © 2011 - Ralph Back

Copyright © 2011 - Ralph Back

Copyright © 2011 - Ralph Back

Copyright © 2011 - Ralph Back

Copyright © 2011 - Ralph Back

Copyright © 2011 - Ralph Back

Copyright © 2011 - Ralph Back

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