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Photos by Robin R. Beck

In recent days, a site visitor (Robin R. Beck) has contributed photos of 45 steam locomotives located in Spain, Canada, Venezuela, Luxembourg, England,. Columbia, Turkey and South Africa. You can view his contributions here: The Photos of Robin R. Beck

One particularly interesting photo was of this Roberval & Saquenay 0-4-2T locomotive:

Copyright © Robin R. Beck

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Arkansas Lime Co. 0-4-0T No. 2

We’d like to thank Tom Parker, a site visitor, for contributing this photo of a nifty H.K. Porter 0-4-0T…Arkansas Lime Co. No. 2. We had been looking for a photo of this locomotive for some time, and it was pleasant to get another one resolved.

Copyright © Tom Parker

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Tweets and Feeds

I had pretty much planned on having both a Twitter feed for and an RSS feed of news, both automatically generated online by now. Unfortunately that isn’t quite how it turned out. To get the twitter feed working properly I had to rewrite a sizeable chunk of the administrative section of the website.

That step is done, and I’ll be testing it over the next few days. If all is well, I’ll add a button to the front page that says “Follow Us on Twitter”.  Clicking the button will make you a follower if you’re a Twitter subscriber, or offer you the opportunity to become one if you’re not (it’s free!)

The twitter feed will automatically receive a “tweet” when new information, new photos or new videos are added to the site. We hope it’ll be a fun and pleasant way to keep up with steam locomotive news.

As far as the RSS feed goes, we have it working but the layout of the feed is so ugly it makes me teeth hurt. We’re working on that.




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Progress (Sort of)

Well, the thousand or so Russian locomotives I had data for are in the database and accessible on the site. Data cleanup for these is ongoing as some have been scrapped, others moved, and many others have had their status changed.  Several site visitors have contributed photos of Russian locomotives to being our collection efforts for these.

Rumor has it that there are actually as many as 2100 locomotives remaining in Russia. Research is ongoing in this area, and if they’re found, they’ll be added to our database.

During the efforts to get the Russian information in place, several small, but annoying bugs were found in the program code that creates Both of these were fixed and users no longer see bogus error messages when trying to upload a phone for a locomotive.


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